Sharlet Barnett

Chief Executive Officer

Lori Mclennan

Director of Operations

Tambie Cicerelli

Business Manager

Ralph Weinberg

Technical Manager

Stacey Jones-Lewis

Resource Manager

Grace Weinberg

Office/Facility Manager

Marybelle Aguilar – Program Lead

Ann Cassero – ABE/GED Instructor – West Valley

Brian Freuler – ABE/GED Instructor

Vacant – ABE/GED Instructor – YouthBuild

Regina Peebles – ABE/GED Instructor – Distance

Sharon Lundberg – YouthBuild

Kimberly Reynolds – Lead Teacher/CTE

Ben Mortimer – Teacher Aide

Vacant – ELL/English Teacher

Cynthia Marchant – Social Studies Teacher

Dr. Jeffrey Shephard – Science Teacher

Joey Grether   – Math Teacher

Stacey Goitia – Art Teacher

Sujey Corrales – Registrar

Shana Tompa – Sped Teacher

Joel Dunning – Dropout Recovery Manager

Cesar Vairo – Advisement Specialty/DRP

Cristina Urquijo – Advisement Specialty/DRP

Marlena Pina – Advisement Specialty/DRP

Joanne Sangiorgi – Advisement & Workforce Mgr

Antonine Sweeney – Career Pathways Specialty

Dan Johnson – Advisement Specialty

Enoel Navarrete – Advisement Specialty

Jessica Sutton – Career Pathways Specialty

Jesus Valladolid-Gonzalez – Advisement Specialty

Vacant – Workshop Specialty

Meredith Washington – Offender Specialty

Ronald Mack – Workforce Coordinator

Sara Arroyave – Workshop Specialty

Stephanie Varela – Advisement Coordinator

Veronica Martinez – Advisement Specialty/Leadership

Steve Soto – MIS Specialist Manager

Cathy Mantovani Phipps – ABE MIS Specialist

Eva Alvarado – MIS Specialist

Armando Fontes – Youthbuild Field Coordinator

Renee Leslie – Career Advisor/Case Mgmt

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Phone: 602-252-6721

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