Volunteer At ACYR

Arizona Center For Youth Resources – ACYR connects Phoenix’s oppurtunity youth with competent, caring adults who serve as advocates on their behalf, who guide the, and connect them to a brighter future in society. ACYR offers a variety of ways to volunteer your time to make a difference in the lives of Phoenix’s youth.

Our Most Urgent Needs:


Spend time with our youth by listening and empowering them to break down their barriers, realize their potential and achieve their goals.


Help provide our youth with a safe, positive and inspiring environment to learn and develop academic and personal progress through our programs.


Be the friendly & welcoming presence our youth need when they walk through our doors. Listen to their needs and provide a safe and trusting environment.

Volunteer/Intern Position Descriptions

Volunteer Coordinator
Responsible for developing and implementing an effective, robust volunteer program

Development Liaison Intern

  • Participate in the growth and development of the organization by focusing your talents in one or more of the following areas:
  • Community outreach
  • Social media
  • Intake/referrals
  • PR/marketing

Alumni Engagement Intern

  • Responsible for engaging alumni by providing follow-up services and organizing events, trainings, etc.

Human Resources Intern

  • Support various HR functions; degree of participation depends upon education and experience

Resource Intern

  • Facilitate Job Club for current and past participants including recruitment, activity development, and support

Grant Intern

  • Assist CEO with the identification of appropriate grantors and the execution and submission of requests

 Volunteer Opportunities

Board Member

  • Provide support and governance in accordance with vision, mission, and goals of organization

 Clothing Boutique

  • Manage clothing boutique by gathering donations and/or providing assistance to participants during hours of operation.

Administrative Support “navigator”

  • Assist with front desk administrative tasks such as greeting customers, answering phones, making copies, etc.


  • Maintain/archive records according to legal and program requirements


  • Participate in event coordination and oversight

Donor Database

  • Maintain and/or update donor database

General Maintenance

  • Provide on-site general maintenance services such as repair, landscaping, cleaning or organization


  • Provide oral and/or written language translation

IT/Computer Support

  • Provide technical support and/or web development

Workshop Presenter

  • Present on a subject of interest to ACYR employees or participants. Some examples include workforce development, leadership, mental health, accessing higher education, etc.

PR/Marketing Support

  • Provide public relations and/or marketing support

Youth Leadership

  • Participate in monthly youth leadership council.

Youth Ambassador

  • Be a voice! Participate in youth leadership and take it to the next level by representing young people to the wider community—community organizations, government, educational institutions, etc.

Academic Tutor

  • Assist young adults to develop skills in language arts, science, mathematics, and/or social studies to prepare for the GED.

Youth Mentor

  • Assist young adults to develop skills in language arts, science, mathematics, and/or social studies to prepare for the GED.

Ways To Give

School Tax Credit

Qualifying Charitable Donation


Volunteer Opportunity