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It’s Not Too Late: How To Recover When Your Child Gets Kicked Out of School

As a parent, receiving the news that your child is facing expulsion from school can leave you feeling hopeless, unsure of whattodo next. Does this mean your child won’t get the education he or she needs? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. One study found that in one year alone, about 130,000 students were expelled from public schools in the US. That’s a lot of kids getting kicked out of school every year, and just letting that number of students go without the education they deserve would be unthinkable—so please note that you do have options! If you’re not sure how to proceed after your child gets expelled from school, take a look at the options your family has as residents of Arizona.

How to Handle the News

Hearing that your child may be expelled from school can be frustrating, especially if you don’t fully understand or agree with the reasoning. That’s why it’s understandable that your initial reaction may be to complain to the school, yell at your child, or both. But these reactions won’t help the situation, and they certainly won’t improve your teen’s chances of remaining in school.

That’s why it’s best to take some time to process the situation before you react. You’re going to want to talk to the principal to find out why your child is facing expulsion, but you’ll need to be calm first. So consider taking a day or at least a few hours to think about what you’re going to say and which questions you have on your mind. After all, your child is entitled to a hearing before the decision is made to expel him or her, so you’ll find out more information as that hearing date approaches.

In the meantime, you need to talk to your child about the reason he or she may be expelled. First, take a deep breath and focus on talking—not yelling or screaming—about what happened. Your child is already being punished by the school and may be worried about the future as it is. He or she needs your help more than ever now, so try to talk in a calm, rational way when you discuss the situation. Focus on trying to solve the problem, not simply punishing your teen for possibly getting kicked out of school. You can always come up with an appropriate punishment later, after you’ve had time to think.

Find Out Your Options 

If the result of your child’s hearing is that he or she is indeed being expelled, it’s time to learn about the educational options that are available. Note that in most cases, a school expels a student for a specific period of time, usually one year. As long as the student obeys the rules and doesn’t show up on campus for that time period, he or she has a chance to be let back in next year. If this is the case for your teen, you might consider homeschooling or finding an online high school program until the expulsion period is over.

If you’re considering choosing another school for your child, keep in mind that most schools will not accept him or her until the expulsion period ends, so your choices will be very limited until then. But now is a good time to make plans for how your child will continue his or her education next year. If you’ve been satisfied with the current school, all you can do is wait until the expulsion period is over and your child is hopefully accepted back in.

However, sometimes an expulsion is the perfect time to consider a fresh start at a different school. If your child hasn’t been thriving at the current school, it may be time to look at your other options for next year. You might be surprised at the Arizona schools that are happy to provide your child with a great education, with charter schools being one option.

Look for a Charter High School That Can Help

One way for another chance of getting your child get a good education is to find a charter high school that is willing to accept your child once the expulsion period ends. There are some in the Phoenix area that are known for assisting teens who want to get their diploma after being kicked out of another school.

For example, there’s City View High School, which is a public charter high school in Phoenix that’s AdvancED accredited, with 15 or fewer students in most classrooms. The goal of this school is to help every student receive the education he or she deserves, complete with a real-world learning approach, customized schedules, and plenty of support along the way.

City View High School even has a Dropout Recovery Program, which is an online blended learning program that helps students earn their diploma. This program provides the extra help needed by students who either drop out or are expelled from school. Either way, the staff is aware of the guidance and support such students often need in order to complete high school, so you can rest assured your child is in good hands at a school like this.

Finding out that your child has been expelled from school is challenging, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of his or her education. You have options to choose from as a family. Just be sure to consider each one carefully—whether it’s finding another school district or trying a charter high school next year—to make the best decision for your child.