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7 Benefits of Our Workforce Development Program

In 2015, there were 73,700 disconnected youth—young people who don’t work or go to school—living in Phoenix. That number has dropped by an impressive 27 percent in recent years, in large part due to organizations like ours that work hard to get young adults to go back to school or join the workforce. But still, the amount of disconnected youth could always be further reduced, which is why we want to encourage more Phoenix youth to experience the benefits of our Workforce Development Program. Take a look at the benefits you stand to receive if you join this program.

1. Education

When you join the Workforce Development Program, you can look forward to getting the information you need to start building your career. Our purpose is to educate you with the resources you’ll need to excel and advance in your job, no matter what kind of position you’re hoping to secure in the future.

2. Problem Solving

When you participate in our program, you’ll get experience with solving problems in the workplace. We want you to get used to thinking quickly, identifying solutions, and asking the right questions when there’s an issue at work. After all, the best way to become a better problem solver and decision maker is to get some practice doing both! And if you’re worried about how you’ll get started improving your decision-making skills, note that you’ll have access to a career advisor who will help with this and other skills. So you’ll have plenty of help along the way.

3. Communication

We’ve found that one of the best ways to become successful at work is to know how to effectively communicate with others. It’s important to feel like you and your coworkers are a team that works together, regardless of your backgrounds. Learning how to improve your interpersonal communication—whether you’re talking via phone, email, or in-person—is a good start.

4. Attitude

If you have trouble keeping jobs, it might come down to your attitude at work, and we can help change that. Our Workforce Development Program improves important qualities that managers want employees to have, from arriving on time and dressing appropriately to having a positive attitude and just generally showing up ready to work!

5. Customer Service Skills

Most jobs involve talking to customers on a regular basis, meaning you need great customer service skills if you want to excel at work. For example, if you’re hoping to get into some of the fastest growing fields—such as hospitality, retail, or healthcare—you’ll need to learn how to listen carefully to customers. You’ll also need to identify their problems, come up with the right solutions, and deliver your thoughts to them in a way they’ll understand and appreciate. If you’re not sure how to do this yet, our program will teach you!

6. Job Seeking

Once you have the skills you need in the workplace, you have to know how to communicate your strengths to potential employers. That’s where we come in. Our Workforce Development Program will teach you how to create a resume and cover letter that will impress any hiring manager. We’ll also go over interviewing tips so you feel confident during your job search. And if you’re interested in getting work experience, joining our program gives you the chance to end up with a paid internship, which could be the stepping stone you need to get hired at your first job.

7. Financial Help

If you’re having trouble managing your money responsibly, don’t worry. We can help! We’ll give you guidance on how to keep your bank account in good standing, build your credit, and budget properly so you can pay your bills on time once you get a job.

If these benefits appeal to you, and you’re a Phoenix youth between the ages of 16 and 24, we’d love to help! Our Workforce Development Program was created for young adults in Phoenix who struggle to find and keep a job. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to not only get a job, but also do well enough to keep advancing your career as you move into adulthood. Please contact us today or fill out our interest form to learn more about our Workforce Development Program!