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Everything You Need To Know About Our Adult Basic Education Program

If you’re a teenager or young adult in Phoenix who dropped out of high school, and you’d like to get your GED, it may be time to enroll in ACYR’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) program. Not only will this program prepare you to pass the GED test, but it will also help provide you with the skills you’ll need to become a proud member of the workforce in the near future. It can even help you if you have your diploma and want to boost your academic skills before you take placement tests for college. So if you need guidance to reach your educational and career goals, take a look at how our Adult Basic Education program can help you.

How It Works

The ABE program is focused on ensuring Phoenix youth have the resources they need to pass the GED test so they can receive their high school equivalency. If necessary, they can also use our program to achieve English proficiency. Our staff can help students determine the right path to take once they enroll, as we’ll assist in evaluating students and setting appropriate goals before they begin the program. This starts with the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) to determine where the student’s skills are when it comes to math, reading, and language.

As students continue the ABE program, our staff will carefully monitor their progress by giving more TABE testing after every 40 hours of class. This close monitoring allows us to adjust the program as needed so can we can continue to provide personalized instruction that will help each student meet his or her goal.

Keep in mind that we tend to go above and beyond the objective of helping students simply pass the GED test. We want to ensure they actually understand and retain the information they learn, so our educational strategies emphasize practical applications of what they’re learning. Our goal is to help students get not only the education they deserve, but also the preparation to contribute to society as they enter the workforce!

Who Can Benefit from Adult Basic Education?

Our ABE program is open to any Phoenix residents between the ages of 16 and 24. More specifically, we strive to help local youth who are interested in earning the High School Equivalency diploma through passing the GED test. But we also help high school graduates who want to improve their academic skills before taking college placement tests, reducing the chances of being placed into remedial classes at the start of college.

So if you want to get your GED rather than go back to high school for your diploma, and you’re worried about being able to pass the test, we can help you improve your skills in writing, reading, math, and more. In particular, we offer instruction centering on Science, Civics, Social Studies, Reasoning Through Language Arts, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Why Choose ACYR for Adult Basic Education?

You can pick from a few organizations for help getting ready to take the GED test. But when you choose ACYR specifically, you’ll get more than just some tips on studying for the exams. Thanks to our small class sizes and caring staff, you’ll get the attention of knowledgeable instructors who truly care about ensuring you understand the material before you take your GED tests or college placement exams.

And not only that, but you’ll also get assistance preparing to become employed or get further education. We teach both career and college readiness skills throughout the ABE program, and every student who participates is eligible to join our Workforce Development Program. This program has numerous benefits, including guidance on developing career skills, applying for jobs, finding internships, and more.

We strive to make it possible for all interested Phoenix youth to reach their career and educational goals, which is why we offer the ABE blended learning program. This combines traditional classroom learning with online instruction to keep the program flexible enough to fit nearly any schedule. Plus, we provide English Language Acquisition for Adults (ELAA) for Phoenix youth who need to improve their English language skills while working toward their educational and career objectives.

Whether you want to start working on getting your GED or need to enroll in English language learning classes, we encourage you to find out more about our Adult Basic Education program. You can fill out our interest form to get started today!