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The Benefits of Earning a High School Diploma

Whether you’re considering dropping out of high school, or want to know if it’s worth going back after dropping out, it’s important to know the true value of a diploma. Sure, everyone says finishing high school is the right decision, but what exactly does that mean? How will having a diploma affect you personally? If you’re unsure about why finishing high school is so important, here are four benefits to know before you make a decision.

You Can Go on to College After You Graduate

Maybe you don’t think you’re going to attend college. But you never know when you might change your mind, even if it takes a few years. What if you find out your dream job requires a college degree? Then you’re going to have to return to high school before you can even apply to college, as most universities require you to have a high school diploma. Even if you’re able to find a college that doesn’t require a diploma, you’ll need one to qualify for federal financial aid. Save yourself some time and trouble by earning your diploma now so you have the option to go to college if you’d like.

Have a Better Chance of Being Hired

Even if you choose not to attend college after high school graduation, your diploma will still help you, because you’ll need it for a chance at most jobs. More specifically, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that about 28 percent of jobs don’t require a diploma. Those types of jobs are usually in retail stores and restaurants, and may be perfect as a summer job while you work toward your diploma. But if you finish high school, you’ll have access to more positions, since about 36 percent of jobs require a diploma. And that requirement will be even more widespread in the future, as Georgetown University found that by 2020, about 13 million jobs will require a diploma, and only 7 million will not. So if you want to nearly double the jobs available to you, it’s a good idea to get a diploma.

Earn More Money

Another reason to get a diploma is to get a good chance of earning a higher income than you would without it. The U.S Census Bureau reported that the average high school dropout has an annual income of about $20,000, which is about $10,000 less than the average high school graduate. In other words, high school graduates tend to earn about $192 more per week than those who don’t graduate! So if you want to maximize your earnings, you need a diploma…and of course, you can increase your income even more if you follow that with a college degree after high school.

Be More Likely to Stay Employed

Finally, another reason to stay in school is that you’ll decrease your chances of unemployment in the long run. That’s because the Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered that in 2017, the unemployment rate for those without a high school diploma was 7.7 percent. Compare that to 5.3 percent unemployment for high school graduates, and you can see why graduating is a pretty big deal if you want to improve your chance of remaining employed long term.

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