At ACYR we are focused on achieving our goals.


ACYR envisions a community in which young people:

  • Obtain the academic, vocational, personal, and social skills necessary to complete requirements for a high school credential and enter postsecondary education/training.
  • Are employed in jobs that support themselves and their families well.
  • Are valued as key contributors to the community’s healthy growth and development.

Since 1976 ACYR has focused on developing our greatest natural resources…youth.  Over the years we have grown and evolved into offering academic, vocational, and employment programs that help individuals discover their potential.   ACYR helps build pathways to success through education, skill building and employment. 

Committed to developing the next generation of workers, ACYR offers an array of high quality programs and incorporates three priorities in our service delivery.  First, a caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff.  Second, a menu of options designed to ensure success – continuing education choices, work-based learning, leadership development, linkages to employers, and on-going, sustained support.  Third, ACYR uses research-based youth development principles and practices to impart meaning and relevance in all programming. 

We operate mission driven programs that build pathways to success through education, skill building and employment.

  • The Center for Youth Engagement connects youth with necessary resources to assist them with developing essential skills and resiliency and help them navigate a return to education and/or to gain employment.  
  • The Education and Career Advisement Center match’s youth with a success coach that will support youth with meeting the goals they have set for themselves.
  • The City View High School, our charter high school, focuses on student success through smaller classes, innovative instruction and individualized attention.
  • The Center for Adult and Community Education promotes continuous learning opportunities through basic skills development, English Language Learning and preparation for the high school equivalency test.

As a result, ACYR graduates transition into meaningful roles within the community:

  • 91% successfully complete or continue their program
  • 66% who participate in employment skills training, gain employment upon completion
  • 81% gain a diploma or GED and/or complete a degree or certification
  • 75% not continuing services gain employment or enter post-secondary education

ACYR succeeds in meeting its goal of creating a skilled, educated, purpose-driven workforce! 

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