Committed to developing the next generation of workers, ACYR’s staff leads & supports our students with an array of high quality programs. We are caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable in each of our responsibilities. Our staff also uses research-based youth development principles and practices to impart meaning and relevance in all programming.

We operate mission driven programs that build pathways to success through education, skill building and employment.


Sharlet Barnett
Chief Executive Officer
Ralph Weinberg
Operation Manager
Aida Jimenez-Uselton
Director of Education
Stephanie Varela
Program Manager
Steve Soto

Data and Quality Manager

Genny Malachowski
Social Support Manager
Phillip Wooley
Principal, City View High School
Jaime Claros
Student Services Manager
Michael Savage


Renee Leslie – Outreach Lead

Hannah Emch – Success Coach

Adult Education

Mary Peterson – ABE/ELAA Instructor

Minou Faiz – ABE/ELAA Instructor

Latifa Ray – ABE Instructor

Susan Farretta – ABE Instructor

Madison West – ABE Instructor

Gustavo Loredo – ABE Instructor/Success Coach

City View High School

Lydia Moreno – Assistant Registrar

Susan Farretta – CTE Teacher

Brittney Greeno – English Teacher

Jimmy Pack – Math Teacher

Trevor Riddle – Social Studies Teacher

Priscilla Lizarraga – Science Teacher

Shana Tompa – Special Education

Mikaela Naranjo – Success Coach

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ACYR 649 N. 6th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: 602-252-6721

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