Ways to Give

You give. Our participants win.

Your generous donations have a tremendous economic impact on our community and give valley youth the assistance they need to learn workplace skills, education, and many other opportunities. With this help they will be able to find higher-paying jobs and long-term careers, graduate from high school or earn a high school equivalency diploma. From corporate sponsorships to individual contributions to clothing donations to volunteering, you have many ways to help change lives through the dignity of work.

Arizona Tax Credit Donation Options

Donations made by April 15, 2019, may be taken on your 2018 tax return.

The state of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to make contributions to schools and non-profit organizations that reduce the amount of tax owed to the state or increase the amount of the taxpayer’s refunddollar-for-dollar. There is NO NET COST to the donor, and deserving individuals around the state benefit. There are three main communities tax credit donations serve, and donors can contribute to any or all of them. As with any financial recommendation, contact a qualified Tax professional for expert advice.

Direct Donations

ACYR helps build pathways to success through education, skill building and employment.

Each dollar you donate helps to prepare our participants for work, helps them graduate from high school or gain a H.S. equivalency diploma. Our career advisors and teachers help develop self-esteem and boost confidence and be inspired by their own success. Your generous donations will help our participants in so many ways.
$50 per month will help one youth in their training efforts.

$250 will provide transportation assistance to four youth.

$300 will provide tuition for three college credits for one youth.

$500 will provide high school equivalency testing to four youth.

$2,000 will make it possible to train one youth for 200 hours.

To see complete needs list click here.

School Tax Credit Donation

An individual may claim a nonrefundable tax credit for making contributions or paying fees directly to a public school in this state for support of extracurricular activities. The public school tax credit is claimed by the individual taxpayer on Form 322. The maximum credit allowed is $400 for married filing joint filers and $200 for single, heads of household and married filing separate filers. (Source: Arizona Department of Revenue)

Qualifying Charitable Tax Donation

Arizona provides tax credits for individuals who make contributions to charitable organizations, also known as Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCO). Individuals making cash donations made to these charities may claim these tax credits on their Arizona Personal Income Tax returns.

Effective in 2016, credit eligible contributions made on or before the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the taxable year may be applied to either the current or the preceding taxable year and are considered to have been made on the last day of that taxable year.

An individual is eligible for an annual one-time tax-deductible donation of $400 (or $800 for a couple) for Arizona Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit.

Corporate Donations

In order to meet our mission and provide more skill building, education and job placement services to young people in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses and grants for support. Having said that we are offering an opportunity to become a sponsor of ACYR by helping us continue serving over 1500 youth per year. For your convenience I’m attaching our sponsorship levels to give you an idea on how this can be accomplished.

Your partnership and assistance for these young people could be the very ticket that helps give them the boost they need to become successful. Our sponsorship options can be downloaded here.

Home Depot Clothing Boutique

A Great Home for Your Gently Used Fabulous Fashion Sense

Many young women and young men who participate ACYR programs are in need of proper work attire. The Home Depot Clothing Boutique provides work appropriate clothing for ACYR participants.

We appreciate your donation of your new or gently loved clothing for men and women. Our participants are in need of women’s and men’s business and business casual clothing for work including blouses, skirts, suits, shirts, slacks, shoes, purses and accessories.

Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm at the ACYR administration building located at 649 N. 6th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85003.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with merchandising the Boutique please call 602-252-6721 and ask to speak to our volunteer coordinator.

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ACYR 649 N. 6th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: 602-252-6721

Notice to Donors: Effective in 2018, the Arizona Department of Revenue has assigned a five (5) digit code number to identify each Qualifying Charitable Organization for Arizona tax credit purposes on Form 321 and Form 352, which is included with the Arizona income tax return. Taxpayers must use the “QCO Code” of certified organizations to claim the tax credits for contributions QCOs. ACYR’s five-digit code is 20479.