Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
To be a volunteer at ACYR your first step is to complete our online application. Once your application is received our volunteer coordinator will contact you to arrange a time for an orientation session and training. All the required paperwork will be provided at this session.

What is required for me to volunteer?
ACYR serves minor youth as well as youth over the age of 18. To provide a safe environment for these youth, we require our volunteers to be thoroughly vetted and trained. Volunteering at ACYR requires a Level I Fingerprint Clearance Card, and completion of our training program.

Are there any costs?
ACYR requires a Fingerprint Clearance Card for all ongoing volunteer positions. Costs associate with this process include a fee for fingerprinting by the Phoenix Police Department (this fee varies between $6.00 to $15.00 and a $65 fee by the Department of Public Safety to complete the application.  ACYR typically covers this cost and will be determined at your match meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Are you looking for volunteers now?
There are always volunteer opportunities available at ACYR. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be able to assist you in finding the perfect opportunity for your skills.

Can I volunteer with a friend?
Volunteers at ACYR are assigned individually to areas for their service. You can certainly attend the Volunteer Orientation together, do your training together, and maybe even carpool if you’re assigned at the same time!

ACYR Volunteer Events are a bit different and offer the ability for  friends and groups to participate together. For instance, some groups participate in events as a team-building activity. Please check our website or our Volunteer Coordinator about upcoming opportunities.

I/we have some items that we would like to donate to ACYR. What do we do? Can we personally give them to the youth?
Thank you – We do have a lovely professional clothing boutique that help youth find appropriate business attire for job interviews and job assignments.  There is always a need for these types of items as well as other gently used clothing and outerwear for colder weather.