About Our Workforce Development Program

The Workforce Development Program is for young adults/youth who live in the Greater Phoenix Metro and Maricopa County areas, and are experiencing circumstances that make it difficult for them to find and keep a job. The workforce programs enroll ages 16-24 years of age, and who meet certain guidelines. Through education, skill building and mentoring, this program prepares youth to join the workforce, become self-sufficient and successfully move into adulthood. Helps you build a solid career and provides more opportunity for advancement.


How Our Workforce Development Program Can Help You Build Your Pathway to Success!

  • Education: We provide you with the resources you need to build a solid career and provides more opportunity for advancement.
  • Personal Qualities: Develop a positive “can do” attitude. Arrive on time. Be dependable. Dress appropriately. Ready to work.
  • Interpersonal Communication: How to better the ways interact with others, to include different cultural backgrounds.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Learn to think on your feet! Learn reason, and think creatively. Identify and solve problems. Prepare and ask questions.
  • Job Seeking Skills: How to start your job search that will be the best for you. Learn how to create powerful resumes and cover letters and Interview tips to get the job.
  • Customer Service: Develop the skills you’ll need to be able to listen, identify needs, provide service and deliver information and work as part of a team.
  • Financial Independence: We will help you learn how to manage your money, bank accounts and bills. Also learn how to build your credit and budget your money.


  • Youth have an opportunity to earn money in a real world work environment, while gaining employability and marketable skills.
  • Through an internship or job shadowing, youth explores career options to determine career path.
  • Internship is linked to completion of advanced training, providing hands on experience and practical application of skills.
  • Partner with local businesses, governments, schools and nonprofit organizations to matching young workers eager to gain skills on job.
  • Employers act as supervisor/mentors to youth.

Occupational Skills Training

  • Connecting youth to training providers, research and enroll in appropriate programs.
  • Help youth prepare academically and mentally for training.
  • Assist youth in securing financial aid, scholarship or approved tuition assistance funds to pay for training.
  • Support youth through their training by resolving barriers, motivation and support  services such as transportation, clothing, text books, supplies, etc.
  • Monitor attendance, academic progress and  provide support throughout the duration of  training  through completion and obtainment of credential.

Arizona@Work Maricopa County Youth Program

ACYR is a contracted service provider for Arizona@Work Maricopa County Youth program.

  • Connecting referred youth, enrolled in the County program, to service elements to develop and gain skills to successfully join the workforce.
  • Service elements include:
    • Alternative Secondary School
    • Occupational Skills Training
    • Paid and Unpaid Internships
    • Dropout Recovery
    • Tutoring, Financial Literacy
    • Entrepreneur Skills
    • Mentoring
    • Support Service and Follow-up.?
  • Ensure the youth successfully completes element by resolving issues and barriers, providing support and monitoring progress.

Career Pathways

ACYR is a contracted service provider for Arizona@Work Maricopa County Youth program.

  • Our Youth are trained in high growth/high demand industries such as Healthcare, Sustainability/Conservation, Manufacturing, Information Technology or Advanced Business. ?
  • Student complete the certification training as a team, upon graduation, they are placed on a 320 hour paid internship to develop hands on skills in the career field. ?
  • Students progress through the Career Pathways Program as a team, support and hold each other accountable and rely on one another for academic assistance.

Supporting ACYR’s Core Mission

ACYR is a contracted service provider for Arizona@Work Maricopa County Youth program.

  • Supporting youth as they build skills, gain education, credentials, develop employability and career specific skills.
  • Resolving issues and barriers, developing life skills, motivating, mentoring and ensuring success.
  • Providing another caring adult, working as part of a team, to support the youth’s plan, goals and journey to self-sufficiency.
  • Preparing youth to successfully join and move up in the workforce.
  • Partnering with employers, training/training providers, agencies and resources to serve the youth.
  • Providing support and need based services to alleviate barriers/issues and create seamless paths to success.

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