City View High School

The City View High School is a public high school chartered by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools in 1995. The school is AdvancED accredited.

To support the overall mission of the organization (transforming lives, building futures, and strengthening communities by developing our greatest natural resource… YOUTH), the Mission of City View High School is to:

  • Provide each student with innovative learning experiences that develop positive intellectual, social, and physical outcomes of significance;
  • Promote self-directed, lifelong learning; and
  • Facilitate the student’s ability to make responsible decisions about his or her education and future.
  • The school’s Vision is that young people will:
  • Obtain the academic, vocational, personal, and social skills necessary to complete requirements for a high school credential and enter post-secondary education or training;
  • Be employed in jobs that support themselves and their families well;
  • Be valued as key contributors to the community’s healthy growth and development.

Students experience a “real world” approach to learning and can can take advantage of many extra opportunities and supports. The school year consists of four quarters, starting in early August and ending in late May. Students can attend during morning or afternoon hours, or can elect to attend both sessions if certain qualifications are met. All core classes are offered and schedules are customized to meet students’ needs.

The City View High School has an experienced and dynamic staff of highly qualified, dedicated teachers (their resumes are on file at the school office for your review). There are usually no more than 15 students in a class, which means that each student receives individualized instruction and personal attention.

Principal’s Welcome Message

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2017 Annual Financial Report

How to Enroll at City View High School

To begin the enrollment process, please call (602) 252-6721, ext. 222 for more information. We ask that a parent/guardian accompany students to begin their enrollment process.  You will need to bring your:

  1. Proof of age and identity
  2. Proof of residency
  3. Immunizations
  4. Arizona School Withdrawal Form

NOTE: If communication in a language other than English is needed, please contact the school office to make such a request.

NOTA: Si la comunicación en un idioma distinto del Inglés se necesita, por favor póngase en contacto con la oficina de la escuela para hacer tal petición.

Dropout Recovery Program

City View High School has an online blended learning and tuition free diploma completion program.

Why do I need a Dropout Recovery Program?

We help both students and schools by:

Improving attendance rates
Customizing learning
Weekly tracking through home visits
Providing another opportunity to get a diploma
Providing free tuition

What We Provide?

Each student receives individually based guidance
from a highly qualified and certified:

Life Coach

Our Advantage

Center of Excellence

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Contact us

Contact Information

ACYR 649 N. 6th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: 602-252-6721