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Terms & Conditions

Proof of Identity:

On enrollment of a student (except a homeless student) for the first time in a particular school district or private school offering instruction to students in any kindergarten programs or grades one through twelve, that school or school district shall notify the person enrolling the student in writing that within thirty days the person must provide one of the following:

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(A.R.S. 15-828)

Proof of Residency

A person can prove his or her physical residence by completing an Affidavit of Arizona Residency (available at school offices) and submitting an original or legible copy of one of the following documents that indicates the person’s name and residence address:

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?The residency documentation received by the school will be maintained in accordance with Arizona Department of Education guidelines and must be updated annually.

(ARS 15-802(b))


An unofficial copy of student transcripts from prior school is needed to place student in correct classes. (CVHS will request official transcripts from prior school.)


Una copia de la transcripcion no oficial de la escuela anterior es necessario para poner el estudiante en classes apropiados. (La escuela CVHS manda el pedido por la trasncripcion oficial.)


All students entering Arizona public schools are required by law to be immunized prior to attendance. If the student has, a medical condition or personal belief that conflicts with this law a waiver may be signed and presented at the time of registration or prior to attendance.

(ARS 15-872)


Todos los estudiantes que ingresan a las escuelas pblicas de Arizona estn obligados por ley a estar vacunados antes de asistir. Si el estudiante tiene una condicin mdica o una creencia personal que entra en conflicto con esta ley, se puedefirmar y presentar una renuncia al momento de la inscripcin o antes de asistir.

(ARS 15-872)

Arizona School Withdrawal Form?

A student who enters a school shall present a properly executed withdrawal form if such student previously attended another school in this state.

(ARS 15-827 (A), (B))

?Formulario de Retiro Escolar de Arizona

?Un estudiante que ingresa a una escuela debe presentar un formulario de retiro debidamente ejecutado si estudiante asisti previamente a otra escuela en este estado.

?(ARS 15-827 (A), (B))