5 Back-to-School Resolutions for High School Students

It�s August, and that means most Arizona high schoolers have already started the new school year, so they�re done with back-to-school shopping for school supplies and clothes. Now that the dust has settled and students are getting used to a new routine, it�s the perfect time to make some resolutions for the new school year. Here are a few ideas to get you started on ways to make this school year your best one yet!

1.Think About Your Plans for After High School

Even if you�re still an underclassman, it�s a good idea to have a plan for after you graduate. After all, you don�t want to wait until junior or senior year to find out you�re missing some classes or tests you need. Start by finding out which classes you need to take just to get your diploma.

Then look into which classes are encouraged for students who want to apply to college. If you have a few colleges in mind that you want to apply to, find out what the required courses are so you can make sure you take them in high school. You should also find out which tests you need to take�such as the ACT or SAT�so you can start studying for them long before the test date.

If you don�t plan on going to college, think about the career you want to start once you graduate. Then plan to take high school classes that will help you thrive in that position.

2.Try Something New This Year

Most high school students are still finding themselves, slowly discovering their likes and dislikes as they move from one grade to another. That�s why high school is a great time to try something new.

If you�ve never gotten involved in extracurricular activities, your resolution should be to change that! Clubs and sports are great ways to not only have fun learning a new activity, but also make new friends who already share a common interest with you.

So if your high school has any interesting activities�such as an elective cooking class, a soccer team, or a French club�try out at least one this year. You never know; you just might uncover a new interest or a hidden talent!

3.Be a Leader

If your high school doesn�t have any activities that interest you, why not make one? Most schools are open to creating new clubs, sports teams, or electives if students show interest. And if it gets approved, you should be able to add �founder� of a club or team to your resume!

So consider what kind of activity you want to see at your school. Maybe it�s a Spanish club, or a lacrosse team. Maybe it�s woodshop. Either way, you can bring your idea to fruition by first gauging if other students are interested, too.

If they are, talk to the principal at your school to get approval. You�ll likely need to find a teacher who will sponsor the club or teach the class. Then you�ll need to work with him or her to determine the location, day, and time of the new activity. Once these details are worked out, you�ll be able to say you started a new club, team, or class at your school, which is a great chance to show off your leadership abilities.

4.Work on Your Grades

There�s always room for improvement, so unless you got straight A�s last year, it�s a good idea to try to bring your grades up. This is especially important if you plan on getting into college. The higher your high school grades are, the more competitive your application will be.

If you find yourself struggling academically this fall, reach out for help as soon as you can, before your grades suffer. Most teachers are happy to help students get a better understanding of the material after class, or will at least recommend a tutor who can assist you.

5.Talk to Your School Guidance Counselor

If you need help with any of these back-to-school resolutions, there should be guidance available at school. More specifically, if you need assistance with your grades, post-graduation plans, college applications, or extracurricular activities, your school guidance counselor should be able to help.

You deserve all the support you need to make this school year successful. So don�t hesitate to make an appointment with your guidance counselor when you have questions or concerns about your current classes, college applications, and more.

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