About ACYR


At ACYR we are focused on achieving our goals.

ACYR envisions a community in which young people:

As a result, ACYR graduates transition into meaningful roles within the community:

ACYR succeeds in meeting its goal of creating a skilled, educated, purpose-driven workforce!

In 2010

Phoenix, Arizona was rated one of the worst cities in the US for youth not in school or employed.

At-risk youth face barriers daily that prevent them from transitioning into well-adjusted young adults. They may face poverty, family instability, a poor school environment, and much more. The longer these youth go without help, the less likely they are to becomes successful adults. ACYR is committed to addressing youth issues by developing the next generation of workers. through an array of high quality programs that incorporate caring, dedicated and knowledgeable staff, and providing a menu of options to ensure success utilizing positive youth development practices. So we invite you to join us to change the statistics and futures of at-risk youth in Phoenix! Help Now.

Our Solution

Our commitment to developing the next generation of workers is our top priority. Our focus to ensure our success in serving our community starts with our staff, programs and principles.

Our Staff

Our Programs

Our Principles

Changing the statistics

Every year, ACYR makes a difference in the lives of over 1,500 youth in Phoenix through our programs to earn educational credentials and learn skills to find employment. In 2017, ACYR accomplished the following:

0 +
Teens and young adults received a diploma, GED, or a post-secondary credential.
0 +
Youth received job opportunities through internships, direct hire or ACYR skill building.
0 +
Young adults enrolled in postsecondary education to further their career goals.

Become An ACYR Donor

Make an Impact on the future of Phoenix's opportunity youth by becoming a donor today!

Your generous direct donations have a tremendous economic impact on our community and give valley youth the assistance they need to learn workplace skills, education, and many other opportunities. With this help they will be able to find higher-paying jobs and long-term careers, graduate from high school or earn a high school equivalency diploma. From corporate sponsorships to individual contributions to clothing donations to volunteering, you have many ways to help change lives through the dignity of work.