The Pathways to Success Program

Pathways to Success Program

focused on providing Arizona youth with social-emotional support and resources to succeed

ACYR has a team of social workers to meet with students enrolled with ACYR programs/schools to identify their strengths and challenges using a trauma informed, strengths-based approach.
The Pathways to Success program will assist enrolled students in achieving their educational goals and transitioning to post secondary or workforce options. All students will be assigned to an appropriate staff person who will provide social emotional support, college and career guidance, and provide resources to help them reach their goals. Activities are supported by social workers who are trauma informed and educated in positive youth development practices.
Activities include one-on-one/group counseling, social emotional support, assessment, external referrals, and academic interventions. ACYR also has established a variety of partnerships to assist with attaining a secondary credential, occupational skills and industry-recognized credentials.

The Social Support program was developed by social work professionals, with the focus of providing ACYR youth with social-emotional support and resources to assist them with positive development, improved well-being, and tools to reach their goals. Often times youth do not have many positive, supportive adults in their lives.

Social workers meet with youth to identify their strengths and challenges using a holistic, strengths-based approach and develop a plan to ensure the success of the individual, no matter what stage they are at in life. This extra, critical layer of support helps empower the youth to overcome barriers, be resilient, set goals, and reach their full potential.

The Social Support program offers youth individual support sessions, peer support groups, and community resources to meet their diverse needs. Whether a youth just needs a shoulder to lean on, or is facing major barriers to success, we have caring professionals to support them.

Supplemental Assistance Available through SNAP

Our school partners with the State of Arizona Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to provide Arizona Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment and Training Program (SNAP E & T services to all of our students that are eligible and receiving SNAP. (foodstamps)
The SNAP E&T Program offers the opportunity to receive essential services that will assist with future success in education and employment. Those services could include case management, assistance with job searching and:

These services are provided at no cost for eligible individuals. If you choose to participate, you may also be aided with transportation, clothing assistance and other costs related to participating.

If you are not receiving SNAP but want to receive these services,

Our staff will contact you to set up an appointment to help you sign up for SNAP and discuss next steps with you. For more information please Visit Nutrition Asisstance